Painting By Dr. Puxiao Cen

As a young child, Dr. Puxiao Cen(岑瀑嘯) studied watercolor painting under her father, who worked as an orthopedic surgeon and professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for half a century. When Puxiao was a teenager, she enrolled in the evening class of Yang-Cheng Art School and studied oil painting as well as Chinese Calligraphy for two years, graduating in 1985. She continued to follow in her fatherís footsteps and become the 8th generation to practice medicine in her family. In 2001, Dr. Cen joined Florida Heart Group and has been practicing Cardiology in Central Florida ever since. Although her focus during this period of time was practicing medicine she always embraced the joy of painting. In 2007, Dr. Cen was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and painting became her way of healing. In April 2009, Dr. Cenís beloved father unexpectedly passed away at his home in Hong Kong and Dr. Cen again used painting as a way to heal. These trials and tribulations have inspired her to share her art with others.